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ultra mct oil

  • Fuel your Mind and Body with Clean and Natural energy
  • Essential Healthy Fats to Support Brain Function and Boost Cognition
  • Ethically Sourced and Thoughtfully Designed for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • All Natural, Plant-Based Energy made from Organic Coconuts

why adanac?

At adanac, our vision is to empower people in their everyday choices by offering thoughtfully procured, natural products from the highest quality sources on earth. Our relentless focus on sustainability and healthy living is a testament to our commitment of a better tomorrow.

  • organic
  • increases energy
  • calorie build up
  • natural ingredients
  • regular routine

guaranteed quality

Your health matters. adanac works with regulatory bodies and independent third-party health organizations so you can trust what is on the label is in the bottle. Check out each certification, and what it means to your family’s health.

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    Products available in 2024!