why adanac?

Developed and produced exclusively by the omega experts at Bioriginal Food & Science, every adanac naturals product is: 

  • responsibly sourced, from seed or sea to shelf,
  • purposefully designed with security of supply,
  • rigorously tested by 3rd party labs, and
  • guaranteed what you see on the label is what you find in the bottle.

responsibly sourced

Bioriginal Food & Science is a global leader in omega and oil based products, supplying many of the top selling omega brands in the supplement, food, and pet nutrition markets. Through its vertically integrated operations, Bioriginal offers peace of mind through supply chain control that tracks products from seed and sea to shelf. 

seed to shelf

Proudly based in the pristine Canadian prairies; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, we work with growers to source organic and conventional seed near our facilities to:

  • reduce seed travel time, 
  • limit seed damage, 
  • produce less waste, 
  • reduce our transportation costs, and 
  • shrink our impact on the environment. 

This strategy was so successful in Canada, we repeated it Europe with access to over 101 years of manufacturing experience in the supplement, food, and pet nutrition markets around the globe. 

sea to shelf

As a member of the Cooke family of companies, one of the largest sea food providers in the world, Bioriginal offers:

  • security of supply,
  • a dedication to sustainable fishing practices,
  • rigorous third-party testing, and 
  • independent, third-party certifications for the supplmenet, food, and pet nutrition markets.

We are constantly working on innovative processing technology to ensure the whole fish, not just the oil, is valued. Our unique relationship helps reduce waste, reduce our impact on the environment, and support sustainable manufacturing practices, while providing leading health products for supplements, food, and pet nutrition.

your health matters! 

Every single adanac naturals product is purposefully designed to ensure:

  • security of supply, 
  • rigorous third-party testing, and 
  • third-party certification for the supplement, food, and pet nutrition markets. 

global service, global supply

The Bioriginal group of companies is strategically placed in key omega 3-6-9, organic protein and health supplement and nutraceutical strong holds around the globe including:

  • offices ready to serve you from Saskatoon, Canada; Anaheim, USA; Den Bommel, Netherlands; and Yokohama Japan; 
  • 6 manufacturing facilities, strategically placed near seed and sea supply on 2 continents; and
  • 18 warehouses to support customer needs, globally. 

With certification pending from key regulatory bodies to confirm efficacy, source, and quality, we guarantee what you see on the label is what you find in the bottle!

your shelf

Adanac naturals offers the confidence of 30 years of experience sourcing and producing oil, softgel, and milled health products in the supplements, food, and pet nutrition markets. Contact us to learn how you can include adanac on your shelf, or ask our service team about our private label program. 

Your customers deserve adanac naturals quality!

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